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Nov 28, 2011
@ 7:51 am

Tanegashima Scissors Reviewed »

Check out a review on Tanegashima scissors. You can purchase them at: http://kakinoki.us/shop/tanegashima-multipurpose-scissors-18cm.html


Nov 20, 2011
@ 9:56 am

Ashi Hamono in Sakai City

After visiting Kaneshige Hamono store, Mr. Kaneshige took me to Ashi Hamono Ltd. Ashi is the one of manufactures that creates high-end knives for Tsubaya.

At the entrance, there is an artistic nameboard, which was created by  a non-Japanese intern.


Nov 18, 2011
@ 7:50 am

Nakano Scissors for Stylists! »


Oct 26, 2011
@ 11:26 pm
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Oct 23, 2011
@ 9:20 am

Sakai City is the city of cutlery. Gyutou, Yanagi, Deba, or anything high-end pro knives are made in Sakai City. I arrived in the city without deep knowledge of knives… Cutler - Kaneshige is one of the most important partners to Tsubaya in Tokyo, which wholesales knives to us. Saito-san from Tsubaya introduced me Mr. Kaneshige.  Mr. Kaneshige genially taught me the system of Sakai City cutlery industry.  I have told and known how knives are made and sold in Tanegashima or Niigata;  they forge, sharpen, and haft knives. A sequence of process has been done by a single company (family). So, they cannot mass-produce knives. Of course, that’s the reason that those knives are rare and quaint, but design-wise, it is not as slicker as the knife made in Sakai City.

In Sakai City, they worked as a team - Knife production network based on the division of labor. There are forging master, sharpening master, and hafting master, and they are only doing their own duties.  Their products are all hand-made, but they can bulk-produce them because of the division of labor system. I think the cutlery industry in Sakai will be continued without any problems that other craftsmen have encountered.

By the way, Mr. Kaneshige told me that blacksmith from Sakai City got on the road to learn scissors forging technique from Tanegashima blacksmith. Mr. Ikenami is right - I confirmed by Mr. Kaneshige - The Tane-Scissors are the first and best scissors in Japan.

I really spent a good time at Sakai City. 

Thank you Mr. Kaneshige and Mr. Ashi. I forgot to write about Mr. Ashi, but next time, I will write it down…